Monday, July 14, 2014

Update and I Bought Stuff! :)

Hello Wonderful People!

    Well it has been a little longer than I expected since my last post.  I'm sure you all understand how it is when life gets in the way of all the things you want to do. I have been on a mission to get more organized, so I updated my Filofax. I moved from the black A5 Finsbury into the Fluro Pink A5 Domino. Getting my Filofax set up the way I need it is much harder than I anticipated. After almost a year I got burned out on trying to customize it, but then I realized I was expecting too much from one little binder. It would never be all I was trying to make it into.   

     Previously, I thought having multiple planners was ridiculous, but here I am needing more than one. I think I am going to start with a Home Binder, Filofax, an Erin Condren, and possibly a binder for each child since they'll both be in school this year( I don't know if I want to dance or cry, maybe I'll just cry while I dance) . I'm sure the home binder is pretty self explanatory, I'll use it for chores and Flylady routines.  I have decided to use the EC for my scheduling and day to day and my Filofax as a bill/finance planner.  We are finally to a point where we're financially secure, and I want to keep it that way ;) Student loans payments are about to get very "surious" around here, so I need to get a budget in place and stick to it. 

   I have a Martha Stewart binder that I have been dying to use, but haven't had a reason. Once I get some things figured out with this blog and schedule, I can use my blog planner printables from "Clean Mama" in the pretty mint colored MS. If you haven't heard of Clean Mama, you should definitely check her out, or at least her printables.   This is a link to her Etsy Store. When I found her, I was searching for prayer binder printables, and her "Prayer and Blessings Kit" fit the bill perfectly.  She had an awesome sale a while back, and I bought a huge amount from her. (Just so you guys know I'm not getting anything from her for this. She has no idea who I am. I just find her stuff super helpful.  ) 

    In the last post I mentioned some blog improvements to come, I have several ideas still, but I have decided one for sure. "Try-It-Out Tuesday" where I will have a post nearly every Tuesday trying something new. It could be a technique, an experiment, using a supply or tool, maybe something off Pinterest, who knows? Just something to try out. I'm thinking it will mostly be crafty, but same as most of you, I can't be crafty nearly as much as I would like. Being a grown up STINKS sometimes. As I mentioned, I have a few other ideas, most are full of alliteration since I like the way it rolls off the tongue... Artfully Amazing Alliteration. haha! I was thinking of "Weight Watcher Weekend, or Weight Loss Weekend"(That way it can be Saturday or Sunday) and possibly "Flylady Friday". I am also considering "Thank You Thursday" I use Thank You Cards more than any other, so I bet I could make 52 in a year.  If any one has an idea or a preference, let me know :) I'd love to know what you all think. 

 Now for the Shopping:

   I have been to Jo~Ann, Michael's and 2 Hobby Lobby's in the past week. (plus all the online shopping)
It seems everywhere is having some major clearance happenings. Though it makes sense retail wise, it is the end of a season. I have taken a few pictures of a couple things I have gotten, but when the sun it out I can take more, or even possibly film a HAUL VIDEO. It would be so much faster to just film it all and talk to my phone than type out everything, you guys let me know what you'd prefer :) I'll add a couple of pics and make another post of everything else. Please don't judge my junky craft closet, it's so full of packages and junk lol

All the items pictured are from Michael's. They had a HUGE Recollections sale last week. I think there is more, I just have to search :)

I have been contemplating making a Project Life purchase for a while. I'm not a traditional scrapbooker, I love looking at scrapbooks and others layouts, plus my daughter ,who is almost 9 ,is a major scrapbooker. 
I just personally prefer more pictures than what are typically on a page( I can never choose). Which is why I like Project Life. I feel it allows you to use all of the pictures you can't choose between. Thats my craft closet with online purchase boxes,  there are shelves with tubs and bins, and im betting there are some shopping bags in there too. Also those boxes you can see are almost entirely full, though that is a couple months worth. See why I need a budget? ha!

Once the sun comes out again I will take more pictures. I just hate the way my pictures look with regular house light. I know I have a few new followers, and I want to say "Hello" to you all! Many of you are from a group on Facebook that I have been wonderfully blessed to become a part of this weekend. I am so excited to be involved with you all in this group , also to learn from you, and to swap and share projects with you of course :)  Any other new followers, "Hello!" to you too! I am super grateful for you all, and I'm glad you're here  :) If any of you have time, drop me a line, let me know how you found me, or what you would like to see. Thanks for reading you guys! I'll be back on Tuesday if not before :)


  1. Welcome to the world of Project Life :) I got a kick out of what you said here: "I just personally prefer more pictures than what are typically on a page( I can never choose)." You haven't checked out pinterest for large numbered pictured layouts you would be surprised what you will find for 7 or 8 pictured scrapbook layout see I am one that does traditional layouts and I love pictures so I will try to fit in as many as I can. Glad to see your daughter has taken up the hobbie :) Welcome to Cricut Card Exchange :)

    1. Thank you, Tina :) You are so right! But I have now checked Pinterest :) I had no idea there was such a variety in multiple picture layouts. I will definitely have to try one out. It's not like I don't have the supplies ;)

  2. I have been debating the Project life kind of life... I've always loved photo albums & find scrapbooking so time consuming!! That's what I love about cards, I can take an hour to make one, or 20 mins... or I can cut stuff out, leave it on the table for a day or two & then come back to it if I need time to think... Scrapbooking seems to be so much more & I can't leave it all laid out, or I'd never find my table again!! Welcome to our little facebook world of the CCE - so glad to have you!