Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hello anyone and everyone!
   It has been faaarrr too long since I have made a post. I considered scrapping the whole "blog thing", but something wouldn't let me. I refuse to be one of those bloggers..(like I can even call myself a blogger lol) that just disappears and never posts again. I vow here and now that if I ever decide to just quit, I will say goodbye to my page. (just in case anyone ever reads it).

Anyway~ This is about crafting right? I have been in a crafting drought for quite sometime now. My bestest best friend had a baby, and the last crafting I did was for her baby shower. It was perfect though. It turned out just how I envisioned. (don't you love when that happens?) It rarely does, and how can you top perfection?

     I have wanted to create, but just haven't had the momentum. Enter: organization. I decided to reorganize my craft closet. I have a bad habit of hoarding supplies, and I thought reorganizing them would give my creative side a jump start. In reality I left my stuff on the floor for a month and spent too much money on some cute boxes by Isaac Mizrahi. (see them here) Super cute right? Well they didn't make me organized, but they did make my closet super pretty. :)

    Last night I decided to just clean off all my surfaces and put things away, and so I did. Such a great feeling having it all put away, and getting the opportunity to fall in love with my supplies all over again. I really try to only buy things that make me swoon. There really is such beauty in paper crafting supplies. I love craft stores so much :) Which is why my husband hates them. lol
    This week I will make a card, and post pictures, I promise. For today I will post pictures of the baby shower projects I made.
For these I used 1 1/2 inch scallop punch and a 1 inch circle punch. I stamped the images as well.

All of the banners were cut using the Cricut Pretty Pennants cartridge.

It's hard to read because I used white glitter stickers, but it says "Welcome Clara"

Those awesome table covers were from Dollar General.
This tiered tray is from Zulily.

The paper used is from a K&Company paper pack.
 Hope you love it as much as I did! This time I'll be back soon!Thanks for reading!!

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