Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Past Project

Hello again! Two times within 24 hours.. actually like 12 hours. Can anyone tell I'm just a little bit excited? Heck even if no one ever reads this.. it feels almost cathartic to get my thoughts out there. I figured since I said I like to (attempt to) be crafty, I should show some pictures. I mean they are my favorite part of blogs anyway.

So you should know.. Christmas... is the bee's knees to me. I am ready for Christmas by March. By "ready" I mean that I listen to Christmas music when I clean and have to fight the urge to put up my tree. I love the decorations, the weather, the clothes, the spirit in the air, and most of all giving gifts. Come on, isn't that the reason for the season? To give to others just as God gave his son to us? For me, giving a gift is as much about the giver as the givee (or recipient to be correct) I love knowing what people think of the gifts that I spend so much time choosing for them. In case you can't tell I am not a gift card buyer.. well not unless I truly think that gift card is what they will enjoy. It bugs me to no end when people seem to forget that it's definitely not the gift its self, but the thought behind it. I have a family member or two or three, that consistently give lists or demands of what they want for them and/or their family. It completely ruins the fun of the surprise and the hunt for the perfect present.

 With the exception of my children, I never ask what someone wants. I pay attention all year, and at times start buying as early as the Spring. I will admit, I have had a few flops, but I'd say my success rate is at least 95%. This is from pure scientific research people.. :-) One of my very favorite things in the world to do is make gift baskets. I'm still fairly new at it(since I don't get many excuses to make them), but I love the balance between function and beauty. I make it a goal to never put in anything that is just a "filler" goody. You know the one thing in the gift baskets that no one usually eats, but to fill the basket they get added anyway?

I made these baskets Christmas 2011... oh maybe it was 2010.. well I captioned the picture as 2011.. so we'll say late 2010 and early 2011. These were made at the request of my husband. He was still in medical school at the time, so he was wanting to thank some hospitals and doctors for the time he had spent with them. I'm going to confess.. these baskets are terrible to look at now.. (I am much better now), but I was soo proud of them at the time. Also, the quality of the pics aren't amazing as these were taken back when I had an iphone 4. Feel free to comment! I would love to get feedback :-)

Thanks for Reading!

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